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Weapons are the main tool to use when attacking, and each can be upgraded using the bot boxes collected, or sometimes other means.

All weapons fall under different categories such as melee and thrown weapons, guns and shields.

Melee Weapons will always be provided upon the start of a new game. They are the main form of attacking and come in a variety of forms, strengths, and speeds.

Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Damage type Upgrades Moveset
Pan HUD.png Frying Pan Anti-Sticky Normal Hardened Base (4)

Fast cooking (5)

Heavy duty (5)

ShinkenFIRE upperHUD.png Shinken Ka Shinken Incendiary JO-HA-KYU (1)


ShinkenVOLT upperHUD.png Shinken Denkou Shinken Electric JO-HA-KYU (1)


ShinkenNORMAL upperHUD.png Shinken Shinken Normal JO-HA-KYU (1)


SurpriseGloves HUD.png Surprise gloves Every time you start a combo it has a surprise damage type It is a surprise Train your footwork for speed (1)

And you muscles for damage (1)

ComboSword HUD.png Combo Sword Hit enemies non-stop and gain extra attack power Normal Faster attacks (2)

Higher base Damage (3)

Longer chain time (3)

Faster chain increase (2)

Morningstar HUD.png Morning Star Hard Boiled Incendiary It hits hard (2)

Has decent length (1)

...And can be made lighter (2)

BaseBat HUD.png Base Bat "Bat like a Star Normal Reinforced Wood(2) -

Empty Core(3) -

And aluminium handles!(3) -

RocketHammer.png Rocket Hammer Enhance your slashes with the powerful rocket attached.

Just don't lose your grip!!!

Thermal Extra thrust.(1) - Increased dashspeed and distance to all ground attacks

For extra Punch.(1) -

And Longer Charge (1) -

Light, light, light - 3 horizontal swipes performed while dashing forward.

Dash distance decreases with each attack of the combo.

Heavy (can be charged) - Fly forward at a shallow upward angle.

Distance scales with charge duration.

Light,light,light,light (aerial) - Horizontal ,downward vertical, horizontal and upward vertical swing

Heavy (aerial) - Plunging attack with small explosion on impact.

Thunder Hammer It's not really thunder, just batteries!

But it does work nonetheless

Electric It hits hard (1)

Very hard (2)

Just try it (2)

Volt Blades Electric Attraction Electric Two Blades slice twice as fast(2)

And cut twice as hard(2)

Katana Electrical HUD.png Volt Slicer A basic tool in a robot's life: Cut and slash your enemies.

This Electrically powered version provides extra Efficiency

Electric A nimbler blade (1)

Cuts harder! (1)

Katana Plasma HUD.png Flame Slicer A basic tool in every robots life: Cut and slash your enemies.

Use forward + hard attack for dragon spin

Incendiary A nimbler blade (1)

Cuts harder! (1)

Unleash the secret technique! the hard attacks launch trails of fire

Katana Physical HUD.png Steel Slicer A basic tool in a robots life:

Cut and slash your enemies

Normal A nimbler blade (1)

Cuts Harder (1)

IceBlade.png Ice Blade A basic tool in every robots life: Cut and slash your enemies.

The forward + hard attack for frost spin.

Ice A nimbler blade...(2)

Cuts harder! (2)

Unleash the secret technique! The hard attacks launch trails of ice.(2)

Light x4 - 4 slashes. Downward , horizontal, horizontal spin while stepping forward, upward while stepping forward.

Heavy - Upward Slash.Can be chained out of light combo.

Forward+Heavy - Multhit spinning launcher attack. Can be chained out of light combo

Light x2 (aerial) - 2 downward slashes.

Heavy (aerial) - Plunging attack.

Meat Cleaver Meant for meat, but it does metal just fine Normal You can make it a little faster (1)

But its mostly for damage (1)

And knocking down enemies (1)

Bladeonastick.png Blade-on-a-stick Poke away and slash around! Keep your distance from the bad

guys with this simple, but effective, weapon!

Normal Light x4 - Downward horizontal slash, upward vertical slash while stepping forward,horizontal -hit spin, forward lunge

Heavy x2 - Vertical attack, upward slash. Can be combo'd into after any light attack.

Light (aerial) - horizontal attack. Can hover around slightly while performing this.

Heavy (aerial) - Plunging attack. Hop backwards slightly on landing.

HandBlades HUD.png Hand Blades Very handy, but be careful when eating! Normal Sharpen for Damage... (1)

And for speed up (1)

Blades made of Japanese Steel (1)

BoxingGloves HUD.png Boxing Gloves Feel like a champ!!!

You always wanted a pair of these...

Normal Train your Footwork for Speed (1)

And your muscles for damage(1)

OandS HUD.png O and S, the Twin Relics Known as the Dragon Killer and Headsman

These Twin Weapons provide dual elemental attacks

Incendiary and electric Hit harder (2)

And faster (2)

Knuckles HUD.png Bad Boy Knuckles They tell you you look like a punk... let them come !!! Normal Made from stainless steel. (1)

Whats this switch for??? (1)

Lighting speed!!! (1)

SevenDayTrainers HUD.png Training Weight They will make you a man! Normal And level up by exercise. (10)

The better you are the harder the training. (10)

But the better the reward!!! (10)

ChainSaw.png Chainsaw feeling like in texas! Normal Let nobody escape. (3)

And grind them to dust... (3)

Poison Dagger Poison Posion your enemies A little bit leaner and speedier (1) Increased Base Damage (3)

Deadly backstabs (4)

Cunning Dagger It might look small...

But stick it in an enemy's back and see

Normal A little but leaner and speedier. (2)

Increased Base Damage.(2)

Deadly backstabs (3)

Vorpaldagger.png Vorpal Dagger Phase through enemy armor and reach their back Normal A little bit Leaner and speedier (3 Scrap) - Faster attackspeed

Deadly Backstabs (3 Scrap) - Higher backstab multiplier.

Increased base damage (4 Scrap) - Higher damage

All attacks ignore armor and hitting the back of an enemy deals double damage.

Light x3 - Dashing stab into 2 horizontal slashes. Combos into itself.

Heavy - Quickly jump behind enemies and stab their back.

Light x4 (aerial) - Series of fancy looking slashes

Heavy (aerial) - Same as grounded version

BeatStick HUD.png Beat Stick Beat to the beat Normal Beat fast (2)

Beat hards(2)

VampireBlade HUD.png Vampire Blade Leach
Terminusest.png Terminusest A little too big for you... Normal Mercury innards make for better handling (8) - Dramatically increases Attackspeed

Sharpened for its job...(3) -

Light x3 - 2 downward angled horizontal swings, overhead

Heavy - Overhead, big horizontal spin

Light (aerial) - Frontflip while swinging vertically

Heavy (aerial) - Plunging attack.

Twin Blades
Dual Hatchet "Twin hatchets of robot doom" Normal Heavy tip (2)

Sharpened edge (3)

Lightweight Handles (2)

Zaber A mega-sword for mega-robots Poison High speed (3)

Absurd damage(3)

Burnin Ax Powerful Plasma containment in an attractive shape Incendiary/Plasma Reduced containment weight is (3)

Higher temperature (3)

Sharper containment (3)

Combat Ax Gives you an electric edge Electric Magnetic Shielding (3)

Isolation Breaking Edge(3)

High Voltage(3)

Power Ax
Ice ax Freezing Edge... Ice Fast Frosting (3)

Low Temps (3)

Hard Ice (3)

Electricguitar.png Electric Guitar Let's rock! Shock Speed metal (3)

Hard metal (3)

Unleash the power of rock and finish your combo with soft attack and hard attack simulatniously (3) - Unlocks a new move with light+heavy

Light x3 - 2 slightly down angled horizontal swings into an overhead

Heavy x2 - Launcher, followed by midair horizontal swing.

Light, Heavy or Light x2 heavy - Big horizontal spin.

Light (aerial) - Horizontal swing

Heavy (aerial) - Plunging attack with explosion on impact

Light+Heavy(unlockable) - Guitar solo that makes nearby enemies explode at the end of it.

Fireblades.png Fire Blades It does burn through metal Thermal Two blades slice twice as fast (2) - Increases attackspeed

And cut twice as hard (2) - Increases damage

Light x4 - 2 horizontal swings, vertical multihit spin attack, upward slash with short and fast forward jump

Heavy x2 - 2 vertical spin attacks

Light(aerial) - horizontal spin, not an attack. Can hover around, while performing this. Hold the button to hover for longer and gain height.

Heavy(aerial) - Horizontal spin attack while flying at the closest target, piercing straight through them. Goes straight down with no target,

Madbat.png Mad Bat Survive the apocalypse!!! Normal Strong wood...(4)

Fast swing...(4)

Sharper nails! (5)

Light - Downward swing. Rapidly combos into itself.

Heavy - Wide horizontal swing. Bat enlarges during attack.

Light (aerial) - Downward swing. Rapidly combos into itself.

Heavy (aerial) - Wide horizontal swing. Bat enlarges during attack.

Guns[edit | edit source]

Guns allow for ranged combat. Their other main characteristics include being unable to move while on the ground with your gun out and having a limited magazine that requires reloading.

Icon Name Description Damage Type Upgrades Moveset
Combat Short Gun By professionals for Professionals Ranged/ Incendiary (with upgrade) Two bullets in one (1)

Incendiary ammunition (1)

And more ammo (1)

Short Gun You always wanted one of this!"

"Now go have fun!" "(Careful With the ammo though)"

Ranged Extra Precision(1)

An extra shot in the chamber! (1) - Extra ammo

And quick reload! (1)

Oldshooter.png Old shooter A standard issue shooter from the old times...

If Meatbags could use them, they shouldn't be too hard to use

Ranged Faster Shooting (1) - Higher attackspeed

And targeting (1) - Faster targetting

All that's left us some extra damage! (1) - Increased damage

And a couple more bullets (1) - 2 additional ammo

2 Ammo

Light - Shoot at target. Takes a moment to lock.

Heavy - Reload

Poisonwand.png Poisoned Wand Venenus Ballus! Corrosive Venener (2) - Longer corrosive status duration(?)

Baller (2) -

Ammo: 1

Unreliable homing attack that explodes on impact, applying corrosive(reduced defense).

Ammo of light and heavy attacks are independent.

Light - Single projectile

Heavy - 3 projectiles

Light (aerial) - Single projectile

Heavy (aerial) - 3 projectiles

Fire Wand Firus Ballus! Exploisve Firer(2) - bigger explosion radius(?)

Baller (2) -

Ammo: 1

Attacks home unreliably and explode on impact, applying corrosive(reduced defense).

Ammo of light and heavy attacks are independent.

Light - Single projectile

Heavy - 3 projectiles

Light (aerial) - Single projectile

Heavy (aerial) - 3 projectiles

Throwing Weapons[edit | edit source]

Throwing weapons allow for ranged combat, similar to guns. The main difference is the way their ammo works. You can keep using throwing weapons as long as there currently aren't more of their projectiles flying around than their ammo allows. Also they allow the player to move while holding them, unlike guns, though you stand still while throwing them.

Icon Name Description Damage Type Upgrades Moveset
Dynamite HUD.png Dynamite "Let's Frag" Explosive Impact fuse (2)

Never run out of ammo (3)

FlyingRadial.png Flying Radial Who needs a radial? Physical Blade Trio (3) - Adds 2 additional blades at a 30 degree

horizontal angle to the primary one to light attacks

Sharper Edges (2) - Increases damage.

More Ammo (3) - Increases ammo by one.

Ammo : 1

All attacks pierce and keep flying till they hit a wall.

Light - Straight line towards target

Heavy - Zig zag towards target

Light (aerial) - Straight line towards target

Heavy (aerial) - Zig Zag towards target

Ricochet Star Trick shot from the secret ninja school.

Ricochet from enemy to enemy...

Ranged Lighter metal (3)

Sharper edges (2)

More ammo (3)

Roborang "Primitive, yes."

"But it has its uses"

Physical Never stops (3)

Lighter wood (2)

Sharp Blades (3)

Shields[edit | edit source]

Shields allow you to block frontal attacks, simply by holding them out. Hitting light attack with a shield allows you to parry enemy attacks with good timing, stunning them far longer than simply blocking their attacks would.

Icon Name Description Upgrades
American Shield Justice for all Unrelenting (2)

Unstoppable (2)

Expedited (2)

Trashcan Lid Sometimes the best offense is to hide behind something:

Parry just in time with soft attack to stun enemies

Defense has to be fast (1)

Don't lose sight of an enemy(1)

Resist the mightiest blows (1)

Riotshield.png Riot Shield Professional tool for keeping the nasties away!

Use their weapon against them!

Hardened Cop.(1)

Lock on them!(1)

Train for speed.(2) - Increased walkspeed while shielding.

Rubber Shield If you can't beat them,

Push them away

Hardened rubber (1)

Lock on them (1)

Lightweight Plastics! (1)